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Personally, art is a method to express and find who I am. As a gay man, on the journey of self-awakening through my art, I realized that not only had felt an obligation to fit in a category of a straight men, I also felt  deep sinfulness for not fitting in that category.

As a grown man, I now know that individuals should be categorized as an individual rather than as man or women. Society should embrace real beauty and value of the individuals that do not fit into a specific gender category.

There are creative works of the beauty that represents either masculinity or feminism in history. But now a days, art is being made that doesn’t belong to either of them or crossover the two sides. My exhibit will be a part of the later stream.

My theme, “Intersections”, is all about discovering and recreating the beauty of an undefined individual. I have created a line of work that pushes creative boundaries by shaking up our preconceived notions of sexuality. My goal is to show that lines between the masculine and feminine cross – often in more ways than we realize. My hope is to evoke feelings of wonderment, understanding, and acceptance of an undefined individual, like me as homosexual.

"Taxidermy of Times"

Documenting time of my life is creating record of my past, in order to use it to evaluate where I am today. The record of the past is carrying lots of information of the time it belongs and also it can be a reference for understanding today better.

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